Vacuum Technology for Automated Processes

Vacuum technology from Schmalz is used as a gripper system on portals and robots. The gripping solution can be configured and designed individually with a broad range of separate vacuum components, or purchased as a ready-to-connect gripper system for a specific application.

Schmalz has developed suction cups for handling wood that more than meet the requirements of the industry. Their shape has been optimized to allow sealing on the rough, often porous surfaces of the workpieces. Ready-to-connect area gripping systems and suction spiders can be adapted to any requirement that come up in the woodworking industry. They are based on individual components to allow a custom gripper design.

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다양한 실무 경험을 가진 컨설턴트가 귀사의 산업의 특정 공정에 필요한 진공 솔루션을 상담해 드립니다.

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Requirements for Vacuum Technology

Preventing Double Layers
When handling porous or permeable workpieces such as MDF or particle board, the workpieces can stick together during destacking. With large-area gripper modules from Schmalz, an integrated separating function ensures that vacuum between the boards is halted by restricting the flow of compressed air. In this way, only one workpiece is picked up and held.

Gentle Handling in Furniture Manufacturing Processes
Handling furniture places particular requirements on vacuum technology to leave few marks and prevent damage to the workpieces. Large-area gripping systems from Schmalz are equipped with suction cups or with a special sealing foam. The soft sealing foam makes it possible to handle workpieces without damaging them or leaving marks, so that they can be coated later on without surface imperfections, even after coming into contact with the gripper. The wide range of products includes suction cups made of specially-developed materials from Schmalz.

Handling Layers of small Workpieces after Processing in Nesting Processes
For layers of workpieces that were processed using nesting, extremely small individual pieces must be picked up and transported with as little additional manual work as possible. The nesting gripper SPZ-NG allows you to destack cut pallet layers in just one handling procedure. Different vacuum circuits make it possible to split the gripper into individual segments. Individual vacuum circuits can be switched on or off as needed, for example in order to avoid picking up certain workpieces during gripping.

Handling Workpieces with Gaps
The large-area gripping system FXP/FMP is used for handling workpieces with large gaps, such as doors with cut-outs for windows. The universal gripper is equipped with a special sealing foam and valve components. This makes it possible to handle doors with narrow frames and large openings.

Working in dusty Environments
When handling lumber, sheet materials, laminated beams, construction timber, CLT sheets, pallets or simply natural materials, knot holes, cracks and damaged material with rough surfaces can make it difficult to use standard solutions. The patented large-area gripping system SBX was especially designed for these conditions. The large-area gripping system SBX can also be used effortlessly in environments with large dirt particles, in wet environments, cold environments and when working with resin.

Handling Wood Veneers
The thin wooden layers are extremely delicate and can be cracked easily during transport. Schmalz large-area gripping systems ensure particularly gentle handling of instable workpieces, which allows you to destack and transport veneers without cracking or damaging them.

Products in the Woodworking Industry

Nesting Gripper SPZ-NG

  • For handling in layers from nesting-blend and small separate parts

진공 영역 그리핑 시스템 SBX-C

  • 목공 산업에 사용되는 강력하고 단단한 그리퍼
  • 치수: 1,040 x 200 ~ 1,250 x 400 mm
  • 실링 부품: 실링 폼

진공 영역 그리핑 시스템 FXP/FMP

  • 자동화된 팔레타이징/디팔레타이징, 시운전, 분류용 범용 그리퍼
  • 치수: 442 x 130 ~ 1,432 x 130mm
  • 실링 부품: 실링 폼(스폰지패드), 석션 패드

진공 석션 스파이더 SSP

  • 맞춤형으로 제작된 엔드 오브 암 end-of-arm 툴링(로봇팔에 부착)


목재 핸들링용 진공 패드

  • 목재 및 목재 판자 핸들링
  • 특수 실링 에지 및 감지 밸브가 포함된 설계

진공 블로워

  • 저진공을 통한 고유량
  • 주파수 제어 및 전기공압 역전(옵션)
  • 다공성 작업물용