Vacuum Technology for Processes in the End of Line Palletizing Sector

During End of Line Palletizing (EOLP), packed products are placed on pallets and prepared for shipping. These items are usually cardboard boxes, beverages, cans and shrink-wrapped workpieces. The workpieces can be set on the pallets individually, in rows or in entire layers.

Vacuum technology from Schmalz can implement these processes manually or automatically. The deciding factors in efficient workflows are reliable operation for many hours at a time and the adaptability of the grippers, as well as positioning accuracy for palletizing.

Requirements for the End-of-Line-Process

Palletizing and depalletizing
Entire product layers can be moved automatically with a layer gripping system SPZ or the area gripping systems FXC and FMP. The gripping system doesn’t have to be completely covered with products. The gripping system can be adapted to the individual requirements of the process. In addition, the area gripping systems are so flexible that they can move different products without requiring a gripper change.

Vacuum lifting devices make manual processes easier. The operator is freed of the weight of the workpiece, providing ergonomic, healthy working conditions.

제품 문의

다양한 실무 경험을 가진 컨설턴트가 귀사의 산업의 특정 공정에 필요한 진공 솔루션을 상담해 드립니다.

제품 문의

Products for the End of Line Palletizing Sector

진공 영역 그리핑 시스템 FXP/FMP

  • 자동화된 팔레타이징/디팔레타이징, 시운전, 분류용 범용 그리퍼
  • 치수: 442 x 130 ~ 1,432 x 130mm
  • 실링 부품: 실링 폼(스폰지패드), 석션 패드

진공 레이어 그리핑 시스템 SPZ

  • 웨어하우징 및 인트라로지스틱스(intralogistics)용 고성능 팔레타이저



  • 최대 50kg의 작업물
  • 한 손으로 조작하여 빠른 이동 프로세스 지원