Vacuum Technology for Intralogistics

Intralogistics is representing  a whole branch of the economy as well as an internal interface between value-adding processes in a company. The intralogistics make sure that packaged goods as well as bulk goods are available at the right time at the right place. The improvement of the internal flow of materials in matters of time and costs is a permanent duty.

Vacuum technology in intralogistics is used for instance in packaging, palletizing and depalletizing. You can find automated solutions and manual vacuum lifters for consolidation, consignment, in- and outcoming goods and the handling of returns.

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다양한 실무 경험을 가진 컨설턴트가 귀사의 산업의 특정 공정에 필요한 진공 솔루션을 상담해 드립니다.

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Requirements for Vacuum Technology

Ergonomic Vacuum lifters for manual lifting tasks
When it comes to manual consignment and palletizing, cardboard boxes and  other goods are being moved with high repeat accuracy. The constant lifting, turning and moving affects the health of the operator and is being eased by a vacuum lifter. The vacuum tube lifter relieves the operator from the weight of the workpieces, and therefore, the required turnover rate can be realized ergonomically. The wide range of grippers allows the tube lifter to handle different workpieces like boxes, barrels, buckets, canisters, bags and much more.

Automated palletizing and depalletizing
Universal gripping systems can adapt to changing products. They can grip entire product layers or single products securely and precisely. Vacuum layer griping systems SPZ can grip entire product layers, vacuum area gripping systems are used for single products or smaller product ranges. 

Products for Intralogistics


  • 최대 50kg의 작업물
  • 한 손으로 조작하여 빠른 이동 프로세스 지원



  • 여러 가지 형태로 된 최대 300kg의 작업물
  • 트위스트 그립으로 안전한 조작 지원
  • 최대 90°로 작업물 스위블(옵션)



  • 최대 300kg의 컴팩트한 작업물
  • 회전식 작업자 핸들로 정밀한 작업 지원


진공 영역 그리핑 시스템 FXP/FMP

  • 자동화된 팔레타이징/디팔레타이징, 시운전, 분류용 범용 그리퍼
  • 치수: 442 x 130 ~ 1,432 x 130mm
  • 실링 부품: 실링 폼(스폰지패드), 석션 패드

진공 레이어 그리핑 시스템 SPZ

  • 웨어하우징 및 인트라로지스틱스(intralogistics)용 고성능 팔레타이저


진공 석션 스파이더 SSP

  • 맞춤형으로 제작된 엔드 오브 암 end-of-arm 툴링(로봇팔에 부착)