Vacuum Technology for Airport Logistics

The statistics show that the number of airline passengers and the number of passenger and cargo flights is increasing every year. As a result, airports are raising their standards for fast and efficient handling of goods and baggage.

In airport logistics, vacuum technology is used to load baggage from the sorting systems to the luggage carts and vice versa. Speed and failure safety are the most important criteria. Workplace ergonomics are also extremely important in this sector.

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Requirements for Vacuum Technology

Ergonomic baggage lifters for manual lifting tasks
Large amounts of baggage have to be moved in manual workflows. Vacuum lifting devices make exhausting tasks like lifting, rotating and moving objects easier. The baggage lifter of type JumboFlex frees operators from the weight of the workpieces. The ergonomic one-hand operation makes operators particularly mobile so that they can move faster, allowing them to ergonomically achieve the necessary handling speeds.

Handling bags and suitcases
Both bags and suitcases enter the sorting systems. The baggage lifter or gripper needs to be able to handle workpieces with different properties. The standard 2-in-1 gripper of the tube lifter JumboFlex features a suspension hook and a vacuum suction cup so that this baggage lifter can both pick up suitcases with suction and lift bags with the hook.

Lifting solutions for small spaces
Ground handling often takes place in confined spaces. Jib cranes that can be mounted on existing walls or with flat jibs for low ceilings are perfectly adapted to the vacuum lifting devices’ load capacities. Their aluminum crane rails make them especially responsive.

Products in Airport Logistics


  • 최대 50kg의 작업물
  • 한 손으로 조작하여 빠른 이동 프로세스 지원


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  • 실내용 알루미늄 크레인 시스템 및 집 크레인
  • 진공 리프터의 허용 용량에 맞게 최적으로 조정 가능
  • 뛰어난 저마찰 작동 및 낮은 이동 질량