Vacuum Technology for the Composites Industry

Handling of Permeable and Hardened Composite Materials

Fiber-reinforced plastics are mainly reinforced by embedded glass fibers or carbon fibers. Carbon-fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) have an even better ratio between strength and weight. This material is primarily used in the automotive, airline and wind energy industries, but is also used in sporting goods, construction and other sectors.

The manufacturing processes for fiber composite workpieces place high demands on the vacuum technology. The alignment of the individual fibers affects the stiffness of the workpieces, so it is very important that the semi-finished products are handled gently to avoid disrupting the fiber orientation.

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Process Steps and Vacuum Solutions for Fiber Composites

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Vacuum technology for the manufacture of CFRP components
Vacuum technology for the removal of hardened CFRP components
Vacuum technology for the finishing of CFRP components

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